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Photos by Hope Prosser from Kiama Council

Attendees of the meeting are listed below. Click on a talk title to see the abstract.

Luis Fernando Alday The analytic conformal bootstrap
Fahad Alshammari Casimir operator of Galilean conformal algebra and related structures
Michael Baake Reversing and extended symmetries of shift spaces
Murray Batchelor Spectral statistics of the quantum Rabi model
Vladimir Bazhanov Bukhvostov-Lipatov model and duality of quantum and classical systems
Nicholas Beaton Characterizing knotting for polymers in nanochannels
Peter Bouwknegt Higher spin algebras and representation theory
Richard Brak Affine refections, division algebras and solvability of quarter plane random walk problems
Mark Bugden It's T-duality, but not as we know it
Joshua Capel Generalizations of the Askey-Wilson Algebra and multivariate orthogonal polynomials
Michael Cromer Free Field Realisations of Logarithmic Conformal Field Theories
Jan De Gier Rigorous finite-size corrections for universal boundary entropy in bond percolation
Youjin Deng Emergent O(n) symmetry in a series of three-dimensional Potts models
Andrew Elvey Price
Omar Foda A Macdonald refined topological vertex
John Foxcroft Osculating paths, the six-vertex model and Malcev-Neumann rings: Constant terms of Rational functions
Joerg Frauendiener On the computation of Theta functions on Riemann surfaces
Alexandr Garbali
Timothy Garoni Critical Speeding-up in Percolation
Rod Gover New invariants via renormalised volume
Jens Grimm Geometric explanation of anomalous finite-size scaling in high dimensions
Tony Guttmann Pattern-avoiding permutations
Phillip Isaac Matrix elements for type 2 unitary irreducible representations of the Lie superalgebra gl(m|n)
Peter Jarvis Plethystic vertex operators and boson-fermion correspondences
Iwan Jensen Three friendly walkers
Andrew Kels The star-triangle relation, lens partition function, and hypergeometric sum/integrals
Slaven Kozic Center of the quantum affine vertex algebra in type A
Bernd Krauskopf Delay-induced dynamics: mode structure of a semiconductor laser with two filtered feedback loops
Jonathan Kress
Jon Links
Elynor Liu Asymptotic Behaviours of Painlevé V
Tianshu Liu Towards N=2 Minimal Models
Xin Liu On the derivation of HOMFLYPT as a new invariant of topological fluid mechanics
Inna Lukyanenko
Vladimir Mangazeev Integrable structure of products of finite Ginibre random matrices
Ian Marquette Superintegrable models: background, ideas and new developments
Anthony Mays Finite-size corrections in random matrix theory and the Riemann zeros
William Moore The Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process, bi-orthogonality and Askey-Wilson polynomials
Nobutaka Nakazono Elliptic Painlevé equations
Jeremy Nugent Classifying superintegrable pp-waves
Todd Oliynyk A priori estimates for relativistic liquid bodies
Paul Pearce
Thomas Quella Haldane phases of SU(N) spin chains and how to realize them in cold-atom gases
Milena Radnovic Asymptotic behaviour of fourth Painleve transcendents
Eric Ragoucy Integrability in out-of-equilibrium systems
Christopher Raymond Galilean contractions of W-algebras
Adam Rennie The bulk-edge correspondence for topological insulators
David Ridout
John A G Roberts Driven linear dynamics over finite fields
Boris Runov On spectral problem of integrable Quantum Field Theory
Tomohiro Sasamoto Exact solutions of 1D KPZ equation and related models
Susan Scott LIGO and the Dawn of the Age of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Yibing Shen Analysis of exact solutions for the p+ip pairing Hamiltonian.
Somayeh Shiri Rigorous construction of the effective description of TASEP on a ring via Bethe ansatz
Steve Siu
Arthur Suvorov Gravitational waves and causality in modified gravity
Guo Chuan Thiang The differential topology of semimetals and exotic fermions
Alessandra Vittorini-Orgeas Yang-Baxter Solution of Dimers as a Free-Fermion Six-Vertex Model
Michael Wheeler Interplay between Macdonald processes and higher spin vertex models
Norman Wildberger A new framework for relativistic geometry
Thomas Wong Two Friendly Walks in a Sticky Slit
Joachim Worthington
Kyle Wright Geometry on Leibniz algebroids
Luke Yates Secret Supersymmetry
Eric Zhou Face-cubic model on the complete graph
Paul Zinn-Justin